Earthcloud Adventures

Further Adventures is about moving the Earthcloud concept into different media and art forms.
This continuation of my Earthcloud concept is mixed technologies. Initiated and completed during the COVID19 lockdown, it began by commenting on the malignancy and malice of the virus, but soon morphed into echoes of political anxieties. To imagine the world to which the Earthclouds have migrated and which turns out to reflect our own proclivities, I continued to use photographs of rags, shaping them into smaller Earthcloud clusters and new photographs of Mexican hemp rags. After printing and heat transferring them onto hand-made papers, I created the emotional expressions that form the environment with ultra-fine sharpies and conte. In this dimension reflecting the transcendence of manufactured products, they are joined by obsolete objects and spirits of their own kind, some are benign, but some have become predators. They mirror our own fragmented story.