The large pastel drawings/paintings on paper were inspired by the book, "Eunuchs for the Kingdom of Heaven" by Uta Ranke-Heinmann, where she analyzed the directives behind Catholicism and its millenia-long teaching that women were/are inferior creatures. It meshed with some of my own experiences having come of age before women were legally allowed financial credit in their own name in this country; I couldn't finance a car without a male cosigner until the age of 34, even though I was a university department chair. The Glimses of Reality paper sandwiches are more universal, consisting of pastel drawings between layers of handmade paper; the top layer was applied wet.

Sometimes, realities have no dimensional divisions. They just are. The circular drawings narrate communal astral projecting. Objects in flight may be from a parallel universe that went awry or may be viewed as fragments from the hostility between the industrial world and the natural one. All objects have a life force. The text drawing was simply signaling my moving on from figurative works into a fascination with text. The flight and war drawings precursed the Earthclouds installation where manufactured goods became so excessive that they attained consciousness.

Museum of South Texas History, Edinburg

The ranch themes are from photographs shot during research visits to five South Texas ranches in 1980, juxtaposing their imagery for a humorous take, and visually merging the ranches together in a comprehensive and psychological view of South Texas ranch culture. These are a few of the drawings from the larger museum exhibition. It was not literal enough for South Texas.

Looking at America's social landscape with pencil on Stonehenge paper.