Jackrabbits McAllen Convention Center, McAllen Public Library

This was a collaboration with Douglas Clark.

The Jackrabbits Public Sculpture Project was commissioned by the City of McAllen to represent the Valley’s wildlife heritage. The three sculptures celebrate Texas jackrabits that survive in what may be seen as harsh conditions. But now with development overtaking its habitat, we may only be able to celebrate the ghosts of those wonderful hares. Three sculptures are in 6 parts each and were designed to be aligned by people as they walked by, as though the rabbits speedy transit blurred their image. Initially installed at the Convention Center, they later moved to the McAllen Public Library. Powder coated steel, 5’ x 3’ each

Smoothing the welds

Douglas aligning parts for installing


With a rabbit installed at the McAllen Public Library

Passing by at the Convention Center

Passing by at the Convention Center


At the Convention Center




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