InRetrospect   exhibited at the Clark Gallery, UTPA

In-Retrospect consists of thirty-two panels, each reflecting a passage in my life. Utilizing photographs beginning at 18 months and continuing to the age of 65,  personal poems and thoughts are combined to capture the remembered characteristics of the time passages. Photographic decals are adhered to acrylic sheet over the digital-print image. Each measures 22”x 30”.

I became very interested in how fonts could be broken and digitally manipulated into formal shapes when I found a coding quirk in the early Freehand software. I wrote poems to provide meaning to the exploration of this form, and the resulting formations began to reflect personal states of my life. Old photographs complemented the poems, and about half-way through, I realized that I was creating a temporally linear self-portrait.


18 mos

art n t qd

2 yrs

Waiting for the separation as it moved slowly toward us through tightly woven space-
       phase 1


Age 4

Summer continued unaware of the thought that nothing new was going to happen.           phase 1



age 7

Waiting for the separation as it moved slowly toward us through tightly woven space-
       phase 2


age 8

Moving across the screen cautiously as though she might not be seen.


age 9

Unaware of our counterparts we play isolated from our own minds. It is only later that we learn what it was that we were doing.           phase 1




age 11


In the wake of destruction the innocents were pinned. layers of sacrifice previously unplanned.


age 12

Let's look at this year in review: there never was anything new.The months walked by, the weeks never spoke,and the days were simply god's little joke.


age 13


Lost on the internet, looking for a friendly word that doesnt say access denied.


age 14


The year that reality was only eight dimensions away.


Age 16

Skeet shots lying on the floor. Held down by their own weight as imitations of flying things, they form a spiral hoping for movement. But like human lovers they cannot rise without assistance.


Age 17

The circle of time beats a hasty retreat to the past and sometimes to the future.


age 19

Summer continued unaware that     nothing new was  going to happen.
       phase 2


age 20

As passengers riding the passing year, we will soon be allowed the light in the tower.




age 22

Separation is only a state of mind.           


age 25


age 28


age 30

Waiting for the separation As it moved slowly towards us through tightly woven space.                                              phase 3



age 32

Freefalling through time. Knowing that holding your hand would make  no difference.


age 33

Waiting for the separation as it moved slowly towards us through tightly woven space.

     phase 4


age 36


age 38

Time left with no clue as to its final destination.


age 40

We have to recognize  the paradigm of our own construction. Even if it oscillates in the solar wind on even days.


age 42

There were so many thoughts that we had to stand in line and wait for each one to squeeze out of its source.


age 46

Used up particles Outdated feelings strewn across his decade. Particles shredded and forgotten in places of betrayed sentiment. Even so I see many still sticking to your shirt.


age 48

The year that reality was only ten dimensions away.


age 50


age 54

Your life up to now has been a time of impact. Every year, month, and day a stamp upon art, students, and friends.


age 55

Ripples of paper moving across the room trying to reach the other mind.


age 57

Summer continues on an escalator    never determining whether it was going up or down.


age 62



age 65

Time rode hard on its pure-bred mount, yet failed to proceed from that single point of departure.


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