The Bicameral Face       exhibited at the Brownsville Museum of Fine Art,  the International Museum of Art and Science in McAllen 

We're all aware of the asymmetry of the human face, so I decided to explore an interesting theory by Julian Jaynes that might partially explain it. Our faces visually reflect both sides of our brain, defined by Jaynes as the master brain and the facilitator (intuitive vs logical). Bucky Fuller referred to our intuitive side, the master brain, as his Phantom Captain - where the brain gets ideas. The logical side, the facilitator, carries them out. My digital photographic portraits identify the effects of this structure on the faces of 12 creative individuals who rely on inner knowledge on a daily basis. I designed two complete facial personas for each individual to accompany their blended, normal, face. Their Commander (master) side generally shows a more intense expression, while the Facilitator seems more submissive. The empirical view is the original photograph.


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