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The Art Forms 

My Art world has always been a dynamic place, with art forms and ideas converging at often unexpected times. At one time, even considering the world of comics, I have had meaningful relationships with several art forms as they offered the best visual solutions for specific interests. For the past 30 years, the field of studio jewelry, with occasional forays into other forms that could feed and feed into my overall view, has fueled my object-making. My work ponders autobiographical notions, social commentaries that wouldn’t be quiet, and wonders of the natural world, both literally and metaphorically. This site pulls together that view and offers an overall look at my some of my creations beginning in the late 60’s up to the present. The 1970s focused on drawing, shifting into jewelry in the 80s, and photography and computers entered the scene in the 1990s. My studio is located in McAllen, Texas, where the Border culture consistently renews the creative process.

                                                        Nancy Moyer, Professor Emerita of Art 


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