360 Walks with Justinian      Mixed media installation at the International Museum of Art  and Science, McAllen TX

The eight panels record 360 walks with my late pug, Justinian. Because he had ruptured a cervical disk resulting in nerve damage to his hind legs causing abrasions on the tops of his feet when walking on pavement, I made these boots to protect his feet during our evening walks. Before each walk, a new pair of boots was made from athletic bandage and electrical tape; at the end of the walk, they were cut off. A visual record of good and bad weather, long and short walks. Panel 1-Walking though dried Bermuda grass, Panel 2-Walking across the asphalt driveway, Panel 3-Walking across a hard ground cover, Panel 4-Walking by the flower bed, Panel 5-Walking on the gravel in the alley, Panel 6-Walking down the street, Panel 7-Walking on the cement, Panel 8-Walking though dried Bermuda grass.





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